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The Advantages of a RainSoft Water Softener in Your Home in Middle or East TN or Southern KY

Investing in a water softener for your home, whether it’s in Nashville, Knoxville, or another nearby area in Tennessee is a sensible option if you currently struggle with problems related to hard water. At American Home Design, we are an authorized dealer of water softener systems that are manufactured by RainSoft, and our team is standing by to help you choose the water conditioner that will best meet your needs. Each softener that we offer also comes backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing peace of mind that your new system will continue to provide you with soft water for the years to come.

The water softener systems that we offer at American Home Design are designed to remove water hardening minerals – mainly magnesium and calcium – from the water. This can make a big difference in the home by:

  • Helping soap lather better
  • Helping skin and hair feel better after a shower
  • Preventing mineral buildups in appliances and pipes, thereby extending their lifespans
  • Preventing frustrating buildups on dishes, showers, and other surface areas
  • Making clothes feel softer after they’ve been laundered

To meet the needs of the various homeowners, American Home Design offers two different water conditioner systems: the EC4 Water Conditioning System and the TC Series Water Conditioning System. To determine the best style of water softener for your home, the highly trained team at American Home Design is here to help. Our highly trained team will analyze your home’s water supply and the way you use your water to the water softening system that will best match your usage needs.

For additional information about the many advantages to purchasing a water softener for your Tennessee or Kentucky home, contact American Home Design. In addition to our extensive selection of water conditioners, we also specialize in whole house water filters, drinking water systems, and detergentless laundry systems.

Whole House Water Filtration

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