Cleanstart Detergentless Laundry System

Consider a Detergentless Laundry System for Your Home in Middle or East TN or Southern KY

Whether you live in Nashville, Knoxville, or another nearby area in Tennessee, a detergentless laundry system will change the way you look at laundry. What if instead of worrying about measuring out detergent and fabric softeners, you could simply put your clothing in the laundry machine and trust that everything would come out clean and fresh?

With a detergentless laundry system from American Home Design, you can do exactly that. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of RainSoft products, an industry leader in home water treatment systems, and our CleanStart® laundry systen can change the way you do your laundry forever.

The way the detergentless laundry system works is by injecting activated oxygen into normal, cold tap water. This process turns the water into a powerful cleaning agent that ozonates and disinfects the clothing without requiring any added soap or chemicals. Once the laundry is clean the ozone reverts to normal oxygen and your laundry is left fresh and clean.

There are many unique benefits to investing in a detergentless laundry system in your Nashville, TN, home. For instance, CleanStart®:

  • Is an energy efficient option because water doesn’t need to be heated for use in the laundry machine
  • Keeps detergent and bleach from being introduced to the environment after a laundry cycle
  • Extends the life of clothing because fabric isn’t subjected to harsh cleaners
  • Eliminates the potential for skin irritation and allergic reactions from detergents
  • Provides additional cleaning because the rinse cycle features the same cleaning power
  • Is backed by a manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty and can be transported to a new house if you decide to move

For more information about the benefits to a detergentless laundry system in your Nashville, TN, home, contact American Home Design and schedule a consultation. We’re standing by to meet your residential water use needs.

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