Free Environmental Water Testing for Residents in Nashville, TNEnvironmental Water Testing Nashville TN

Families in the Nashville, Tennessee area can receive a free water test from Environmental Water Testing to determine the number of contaminants found in their home water supply. The term “contaminants” may sound alarming, but it simply describes any additive that is present in your water, such as lead, chromium 6, chlorine, etc. For many homes, the water is still safe to drink and use in other ways, though many people opt to remove contaminants for a cleaner taste and proposed health benefits.

If you have ever wondered what is in your water, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have your water tested for free by Environmental Water Testing. We will show you exactly what’s in your water. There are many factors that can affect the composition of your water, which could potentially lead to issues like hard water deposits on many surfaces in your home or an odor when you turn on your faucet. In addition, if you have a private well, your water supply may be at a greater risk of environmental contamination by metals, bacteria, sulfur, and volatile organic compounds than a home that uses highly regulated municipal water. Also consider the plumbing in your home. Older plumbing may allow some minerals and metals to mix into your water supply. Or sometimes, water just naturally picks up hard minerals like calcium and magnesium in the environment before traveling to your home, and you will notice white deposits on your sinks and showers.

Even if the above-mentioned potential issues are not present in your home’s water supply, scheduling an appointment with Environmental Water Testing could still offer you peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s in your water. By scheduling a free in-home water test with us, you will get a complete report of additives that are present in your water, and we can also recommend ways to remove those additives if you choose. We proudly install water treatment systems by RainSoft, a nationwide leader in water filtration. RainSoft manufactures problem-solving filters, water conditioning systems, and drinking water purification systems that will provide your family with many benefits. RainSoft’s water conditioning systems remove the hard water minerals that are flowing through your dishwasher, shower, and washing machine, leaving a residue on your clothes, dishes, hair, and skin. RainSoft’s water purification system has three-layer filtration to remove contaminants from your family’s drinking water supply, leaving you with fresh, great-tasting water to prepare food and beverages with.

To learn more about the free testing provided by Environmental Water Testing available to residents of Nashville, TN, contact American Home Design today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule your appointment.

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